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11 February 2009 @ 11:05 pm
Entry will remain public next stock icons post. If you want to see the rest of the posts,then join the community :)

++15 Horses/Equitation Icons
++2 Horses Friends Only Banners
++1 Horses Colorbar
++Comments are very appreciated :)
++Please credit
++Text less icons are not bases


Icons, Banners and Colorbar HERE @ crushedrainbows 
01 February 2009 @ 12:13 am
I'm off for the next month, living the dream in Texas at Martin Black's horsemanship school. I'll be updating whenever I can over on my regular LJ- assuming this is reasonably regular and the content is vaguely interesting feel free to pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.

In my absence, the very able penella22 and sleepsy_mouse will be around to manage any administrative tasks required.

See you all in march!
29 January 2009 @ 10:57 pm
Just wanted to share a little bit of a video of Mitch in his new treeless saddle. The Barefoot Cheyenne DryTex arrived on Tuesday, and I got to give it a test ride. And today, we picked up the pace a bit.

I really like the saddle and how it fits Mitch and allows him to move freer. It seems to do very nicely on a pony like him (wide-bodied and flat) and certainly fits my financial budget so I wouldn't have to get a custom saddle that costs more than my horse and car put together.

So here's the boy and me. I'll be going on a shopping spree for a shorter girth and a Skito pad once I get my next paycheck.

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23 January 2009 @ 07:44 am
Whoo! I posted! Go me!

Hey all,
Some of you probably know me already from various other LJ communities, but i'm the one with the butterbutt pony (a.k.a Mr Hayflinger a.k.a. the monster pony a.k.a. the Moocher) Mighty Mitch MRH. He's my second horse, my first having been my super wonderful Thoroughbred, Flair, who sadly passed on due to colic in June of 2007. (But I truly believe he's still with me in spirit, and that he picked Mitch out personally for me.)

So Mitch and I are mainly trail moochers. I've aspirations to some day ride in a Competitive Trail Ride or maybe a Limited Distance endurance ride, but I don't have any way to seriously train for anything, much less get to a ride (someday ... a trailer shall be mine, oh yes, someday a trailer shall be mine.) We mainly bum it around our barn, and when we get lucky and catch a ride with barn buddies who do trailer out, we've gone on some 6 hour rides. I haven't been horse camping with the pony yet (I went on a leased mare in 2007 and got stung by 30 yellow jackets ... what fun!) but I'm hoping to make 2009 the year we get out and do things. 2008 was the 'Getting to Know You' year since I got Mitch in late Feb. 2008 and pretty much spent the year riding the trails, and getting to know him. I've got goals for 2009 that include riding in a CTR and a poker ride, and maybe going horse camping as long as we don't run into any more yellow jackets.

Having a Haflinger has been a different experience from a Thoroughbred. He's a bit of a cheeky sod sometimes, and is really really smart. Flair was more apt to fall into line with a 'Yes'm, whatever you say ma'am" attitude, but owning Mitch has meant I've had to think fast and on my feet a lot. Not that I don't like it, of course. He's a wonderful guy, loads of personality, and an in-your-pocket attitude that just makes him fun. But he can be pushy and because he knows exactly how much he weighs, and that I'm an eeny weeny little stick next to him, he can sometimes go into a total state of "Ignoring YOU!" mode and basically do the Haflinger shut down of "got my fingers in my ears and I'm not liiiiiistening, lalalalalala." So he's definitely a horse that's a challenge at times.

I've shyed away from some of the more glitzy aspects of NH (the ones I feel are more about the merchandise than the training) in the past because Flair wasn't the kind of horse who didn't react well to it. But Mitch is the kind of personality that works well with certain aspects of horsemanship and training, and some different styles of NH. I've been doing TTouch with him (Linda rode a friend of mine's horse at a recent clinic) and working on some stuff that Chris Irwin teaches as well as a bit of John Lyons. I'm kind of a 'bits and pieces' person, and I try various things to see what works with Mitch since he's not really into structure and guidelines. And I'm not adverse to giving him a good whack if he barges past me while hand-walking or yanks me off balance when he sees a patch of grass he wants to eat. That's just not done. And he needs that smack.

After a year of riding him in an Abetta endurance saddle, we're planning on finally going treeless. The Abetta didn't fit him right, and he was having some issues. penella22 knows what I've been going through since she's on my friends list, and has been listening to me waffle on and about for the better part of a year. In a way, it was kinda good that I waited because Barefoot came out with the DryTex in October, and that's the saddle that most appeals to me (it's synthethic, which I like because I hate cleaning tack and you can't beat the price.) Our demo/possible keeper saddle is currently sitting at FedEx in NC, but we ought to get it next week. Another goal of 2009 is to ride treeless, barefoot and bitless. Mitch is already barefoot, and if the saddle works we'll be treeless, and it won't be long before he's bitless either, although I'll probably keep him in his snaffle when we trail ride.

Because a post is useless without pictures...Collapse )

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20 January 2009 @ 02:10 pm
I enjoyed glenatron's Misbehaving post, so thought I'd follow with my own (I wasn't sure if these should be in the comments or a new post).

This is what happens when Sam is tired of posing for cute photos with me...
(I stayed on, btw)

Here follows a bathing series with Doc...Collapse )

And this is the *result* of Dash behaving badly...Collapse )
19 January 2009 @ 11:07 pm
Inspired by this somewhat dramatic photo from blitzen I thought it might be nice to see whether anyone else has pictures/videos/etc of their pony playing up.

I guess I should go firstCollapse )
So there are a few from me- anyone else?
16 January 2009 @ 04:42 pm
Has anyone been to a Mark Rashid clinic? I'm looking for reviews, as I may audit one.
05 January 2009 @ 10:50 pm
I have a student who owns a National Show Horse named Priority. Priority has very narrow shoulders and a narrow chest. Despite a pretty near perfect saddle fit, his saddle was sliding forward onto his shoulders constantly, causing all kinds of problems. I told my student to get Priority a crupper to help keep the saddle off of his shoulders after a saddle fitter confirmed that the saddle fit in all other ways.

So, they got a crupper and naturally, his shoulders are feeling better, he's moving better. All things have improved. Except, Priority does not like his crupper too much. If it shifts on his tail in some way, he bucks. They aren't terrible bucks and I understand that the best thing we can do is to simply work through them. In fact, we're doing this. I've told his owner to sit the bucks as quietly as possible and to keep asking Priority to work, make no fuss, just keep asking him to go forward and do what he was doing. This is working pretty well, but it is a slow process.

So my question: Is there anything more I could instruct my student to do to help Priority adjust to this crupper? I don't want to punish the horse for something that is uncomfortable to him, but I can't take the crupper off either. Both the vet and the chiropractor agreed that the crupper was the best solution to helping his shoulders. He's adjusting to it ok, but if there's anything more I can do to help them, I'd love to hear about it.
03 January 2009 @ 09:50 pm
One thing that you really get if you spend any time with our trimmer, which we do every time our ponies feet are trimmed, is a lot of information on the recent transgressions of her husband. You also get a lot of information on how a healthy foot is a consequence of all aspects of how the horse is kept, particularly diet. Most horses in this country are on pasture that is way too rich particularly for native pony types designed for sparse moorland grass.

I mention this because of this article on feeding the hoof, which makes for very interesting reading. Pete Ramey is a trimmer who is very highly reputed in barefoot circles- one of the relatively few people our trimmer speaks highly of so it's safe to say he knows his stuff where foot care is concerned.
23 December 2008 @ 11:03 am
It's about that time of year...thought this might be fun?

1. What have you and your horse(s) accomplished this year, now that we're approaching the end of it?  What are you proud of and pleased about?

2. What would you like to get done in 2009?